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At Beacon Sleep, our mission is to utilize both existing and proprietary technological platforms (i.e. our in house smart devices and existing smart devices such as the apple watch) to be among the first to give people suffering from parasomnias the tools they need to help themselves. What are parasomnias? Parasomnias can include (but are not limited to) sleep paralysis, sleep walking, night terrors, chronic nightmares and more. If you, or someone you know suffers frequently from any of these disorders, we know your pain, and we’re here to help!



Over the next couple years and beyond Beacon has a number of technological goals we hope to achieve. In the short term here is what we hope to achieve

Launch our apple watch app Beta on the apple store

We’re currently hard at work with our developer trying to finish the beta version of our app. We hope to have it available for free on the apple store by the end of fall 2019

Launch our fully functional app on the apple store

Following a successful beta launch and after utilizing the lessons learned to polish the app; we hope to have our fully functional app furnished and ready to serve in early 2020

Launch our completed app on other smart watch platforms

Of course we don’t want to leave out sufferers who use smart watches such as the Fit-Bit, Garmin, or Galaxy Gear series and hope to serve them by mid 2020.

Launch our proprietary sleep monitoring and intervention device

Most excitingly for us, we hope to have our proprietary device for treating parasomnias FDA approved and ready to launch by the end of 2020.


“We want to take the hassle out of sleep”

Joseph Arrington  |  President



Founded after a fateful meeting in the spring of 2017, Beacon Sleep Solutions has been working tirelessly to bring the sufferers of sleep disorders such as sleep paralysis, sleep walking, night terrors, chronic nightmares and more.


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