Beacon is poised to be the first to offer a solution for sleep paralysis and to offer the best solution for so much more!


Our Offerings


Proposed intro screen of the patent pending Dream Defender app

Sleep Shield (Beta)-Fall 2019

We’re currently hard at work with our developer working on the Apple watch app for the Dream Defender and it’s phone companion (shown above). The app will monitor the users biorhythms during their sleep and if the user enters the heart rate threshold that they’ve set a vibration and/or alarm will be triggered waking the user out of their episode

Proposed main menu screen of the patent pending Dream Defender app

Sleep Shield app-Spring 2020

After the beta release of the Dream Defender we will be taking the user input and polishing off the app. In addition to the nightly monitoring available for free with the basic app, users will have the option to upgrade to tiered accounts that will get them access to features like sleep analytics, cloud storage, and discounts on future hardware releases.

Early CAD rendering of the forthcoming Sleep Shield

The Dream Defender-Summer 2020

We at Beacon Sleep are acutely aware of the struggles parents face when their children suffer from chronic nightmares, sleep walking, night terrors and more. We’re also aware of the cost prohibitive nature of existing smart watches. That’s why we’re developing our own smart watch purpose built to monitor for and intervene in parasomnia episodes in both adults and children.